A little bit about flying animals: the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels

Brussels Museum of Natural Sciences can boast of a lot: exhibits from the first forms of life on Earth to its modern species; tall skeletons of ancient creatures and dummies of current pets. Huge rooms filled with abutting the ceiling yellow skeleton of dinosaurs. It seems that the walls are just about to reflect easily recognizable roar of a Tirex. In the next room over the heads of more familiar animals sea creatures are floating. Hundreds of butterflies immured in glass boxes. Thousands of insects pinned to the almost invisible needles. READ MORE

 A little bit about orange jumpsuits: Madness of Brussels’ Colours

I almost was returning back to the hotel but something compelled to turn back to the city center and have a small walk along the evening Brussels. And it turned out to be very useful decision. Aiming to leave a small buzzing square it suddenly clicked that this is real bingo at the first sound of heavy bits. Could I expect that I will find myself on the Brussels Carnival of Colors. READ MORE

A little bit about big-eyed freaks: carnival procession in Brussels

It’s hard to remember now how it all began. You standing quietly on the Grand Place taking pictures of damp houses with cleaned by the rain gold inlays and then suddenly something strange begins like a rumble of impending wave. READ MORE

A little bit about washed away paint: rainy Brussels

Lucky me on the cloudy weather and faded cities recently. So Brussels almost like Warsaw met me dim and dank. Having wrapped myself in a huge warm scarf and hidden the camera under my arm  I was making  small dashes around the city taking advantage of short breaks when water was pouring at least from the roofs and not from the sky. If at first it was a bit annoying then at the end it was something akin to pleasure. Well why not repeat the experience of Tokyo and step out of comfort zone and shoot in the pouring rain. READ MORE