A little about Split: soulless old town

What can be said about the old town of Split. There is an ancient palace of Roman emperor Diocletian. So the beginning seems to be quite intriguing… but the point is that the palace and all the surrounding buildings are so besieged with tourists sitting out on ancient steps that there is no use to talk about history here. Stores, cafes, souvenir shops and endless crowds simply etched the whole spirit out of the old buildings. READ MORE

A little about Split: Fortress on the mountain

In general what should be noted for Croatia is the hospitality of people. Yes of course we pay for housing but still they are very welcoming and warm. And for sure one can find something sweet for ‘children’ and something short for ‘adult’ in the room. Therefore having not missed the chance to exploit the situation on the first morning of your stay in Split the son of landlady took us to the Klis Fortress. The guy was a student at the Medical University riding not a cheap red machine. Yes, yes, medical university … and no wonder that even there once again I heard another story full of disappointment in medicine — all goes to the fact that I myself too will soon disappoint in it although I have absolutely no relation to it. READ MORE

A little bit about Dubrovnik:  a walk on the top

After seeing the old city from down and from up there is nothing left but go at the top and look at Dubrovnik with the birds. From the top of the mountain the town seems so small, contoured like on a map state, buried in ribbed blue water. Like a piece of unfinished puzzle. READ MORE

A little bit about Dubrovnik: A walk on the roofs

Having walked through the cool entrails of the old city it’s time to climb to the warmer layers namely to the incandescent edge of the city — the fortress wall. On the top roofs of houses are not just burning they are slowly melting being exposed to the sun. It seems that foot base sticks to the blinding stones and outgoing heat of the city permeates through you. One rescue — if you lean over the scalding parapet and look down at the sea you will feel soft licking the walls rising air flows. READ MORE