A little bit about festivals: Tollwood in Munich

What Germans really love is to make festivals. Every half of the year they necessarily organize some ‘drive’. Whether it’s the famous Oktoberfest, Christmas markets or  just small 2-day festivals. But not everybody knows that every summer and winter for almost a month in Munich there is Tolwood festival. READ MORE

A little bit about infinite stone sea: Herzogstand peak

The cabin of the cableway goes up so quickly that the ears are blocked instantly. But in less than a couple of minutes you are taken to the top on the sides of cragy giant covered with morning dew. This is like being lifted up from the narrow streets with compressing homes on the top floor balcony in skyscraper. And recently seemed inaccessible mountains turn into gentle rolls of soft hills. Morning haze hides them in its arms blurring colors and making them almost monochrome. Melted tops are gently flowing from one to another. Giant stone sea waves forever frozen in their measured movement. READ MORE

A little bit about Scandinavian style in Munich: Weißglut concept store

If you want to plunge not only into the fine world of design but also into a sincere hospitality of shop owner then you have no other option but to visit the store ‘Weißglut’. READ MORE

A little bit about Hitler’s teahouse: how to fly with an eagle above the clouds

The name ‘Eagle’s Nest’ fully reflects the spirit of this place. Where else would the proud eagle build its nest as not on the outgrowths of stone ground that are gently enveloped by the damp clouds. These barely verdant mountains are like small islands scattered in the whitish wadded ocean. Cool air masses alternately swallow them like giant slow tsunamis and when it is almost cold release them again into the air. Then you can see air blurred bottom of the ocean where seemingly sandy hills are covered with a soft layer of evergreen algae. Further on they are replaced by crawling knots of concrete corals — underwater inhabitants are diligently building their little houses. One can feel how the world is swarming in its bloated pomposity. READ MORE

A little bit about Bavaria: the forest of Brothers Grimm fairy tales heroes

If you choose the right weather and the time and ride along the south of the Bavarian Alps somewhere in the fog you can discreetly pass the line separating reality from the world of fairy tales and visions. READ MORE