A little bit about Greece: weightless Meteora

I think for most people of my age the word ‘Meteor’ is primarily associated with the name of Linkin park album rather than with the temple complex. But in fact in both cases unusual sound of the word lures consciousness into play with secret mystical meanings. READ MORE

A little bit about Greece: pompons

Watching the changing of greek evzones guard at the Syntagma Square I could not but remembered the video from our famous humor program: the same representatives of the presidential guard were somewhere in the parade marching against each other. First one making quick time and throwing leg high in the air and the voice over: «Look on my wonderful pompoms that I have on my leg!». Towards him a second one lifting up tsaruhu exclaims: «Yours are nothing — look at my gorgeous pom-poms!». So in my head evzones were measuring pompoms with each other instead of replacing the guard. READ MORE