A little bit about Stockholm: A walk to the Kaknes tower

After walking along the shady frosty streets  it was time to climb to the top. There were three options: the town hall, SkyView and TV Tower Kaknes. Doubting in the good result of glass ball full of people idea — that is the SkyView — the solution came by itself as the town hall was also closed. Views from both  tower and the path to it were just gorgeous — a crisp white snow, icy blue of the water and the warm, sun-heated trees and houses. READ MORE

A little bit about Stockholm: The clanging transparency of islands

What was particularly good in Stockholm is surprisingly the weather — a real classic — frost and sun. The air between the islands was so transparent that it seemed like a huge high resolution poster of the city was hanged in front of the eyes — the picture was so clear and frosty sharp. Clanging air masses were rolling between the islands carrying the smell of mulled wine, ginger biscuits and the Baltic Sea through the city. READ MORE

A little bit about Stockholm: Deserted inner city

Either because it was the winter or because it was Christmas time but the city was incredibly empty. Sometimes it seemed that it just became extinct when several streets and intersections on the row were empty — no people, no cars … Only when approaching the area of ​​the main train station life starts to appear. It seemed that this small group of people was the entire population of the snow city. READ MORE