A little bit about records: the Guinness Museum in Copenhagen

Honestly saying there is absolutely nothing to do there. It seems to be quite an interesting topic but presented in such an insipid manner that you begin to wonder if you are still in Denmark… READ MORE

A little bit about millions of artifacts: the American Museum of Natural History

Once in the distant 1877 a small building aimed at securing valuable artifacts that are brought from expeditions all around the world was erected near Central Park. But our world is too huge to push it into this little building so it began to grow into new buildings and extensions. Today overgrown into 4 quarters Museum of Natural History in New York City has the largest collection in the Natural History of the world. READ MORE

A little bit about torture: Catacombs of Mdina

Sometimes you enter some place, some exhibition or the gallery or you start to watch a movie and from the very beginning you are already sure that it’s going to be really rocking. So with the Museum of Torture in the ancient catacombs of Mdina it was the same feeling. READ MORE

A little bit about flying animals: the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels

Brussels Museum of Natural Sciences can boast of a lot: exhibits from the first forms of life on Earth to its modern species; tall skeletons of ancient creatures and dummies of current pets. Huge rooms filled with abutting the ceiling yellow skeleton of dinosaurs. It seems that the walls are just about to reflect easily recognizable roar of a Tirex. In the next room over the heads of more familiar animals sea creatures are floating. Hundreds of butterflies immured in glass boxes. Thousands of insects pinned to the almost invisible needles. READ MORE

A little bit about Mondays: how to visit museums in Warsaw

I could not have mistaken more and to schedule visit of museum on Monday. Well for the brain it certainly was not Monday because if there is another city and there is no work then it is more like weekend. And for sure there must be town where the museums are open every day of the week. In general after a small hysteria why the second museum is closed and finally having turned on the brain an action plan was quickly changed. And as it turned out it was only for the better because on the next day there was a free entrance in all museums. Well sometimes it is not so bad to make small missteps). READ MORE