New York City night street photo, USA
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A little about New York at night: the city of fireflies

I never liked to shoot at night — the light is too low, it is too artificial. Being sharpened in their translucent boxes lamps are too predictable and too symmetrical.

They snatch only a part of the reality from the surrounding darkness not giving any choice and hiding what is really important. But I couldn’t but tried to see what New York would like to show me.


Night conceals the flaws of the rough city. Heavy medley of stone bushes turns into a frozen carpet of yellow fireflies.

Darkness absorbs the outlines of the buildings making them almost airy and slides down in black clots into the unlit dogtrots.


Sometimes they are spitted by a bright beam of light of cars headlights that are giving the way to the pedestrians at the crossroads. These halogen lamps are the only living objects in the ensuing night.

But these randomly scattered lights in the windows of skyscrapers give the feeling of upcoming holiday. As in Advent Stockholm when the windows were filled with soft muted lights. As if it's already Christmas or New Year.


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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