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A little bit about Bangkok: the majestic capital of the world

For the beginning the full name of the capital of Thailand will be more than enough: "City of angels, great city of immortals, magnificent city of the nine gems, seat of the king, city of royal palaces, home of gods incarnate, erected by Vishvakarman at Indra's behest ". This is the place we will visit today.


In fact not every resident of Bangkok can pronounce a complete list of all the regalia of their beloved city. Or maybe it's not so important because every day they feel all the grace and abundance of the city of Indra. The diversity of Bangkok can be compared only with the number of epithets in its official name.


Thailand’s capital labyrinths are fenced off with crumbling plaster of the past and a smooth glass of future.

Houses along the streets are jumping from modern glossy offices to shabby residential duplexes. Mounted in air conditioners these stunted buildings turn into polypore on the smooth sides of the skyscrapers that merge with the sky.


The unapproachable city of Indra is spinning as a tireless top and its axis is dotted with numerous golden temples, stifling markets buried under unnecessary junk mountains, shady streets with latticed houses and quiet parks with huge iguanas hidden in the green grass.

The city is noisy, boisterous, with an endless stream of cars and tuk-tuks. They sweep under the clumps of black wires which are like a network of capillaries tie the whole ‘magnificent city of the nine gems’ together.

These black snakes carry kilobytes of energy for the houses and peoples’ minds. Not hidden under the ground they clearly squeal in thousands of voices. But they see and know everything even better than the city mafia.


Every day they watch the life of the anthill ' erected by Vishvakarman '. There almost in the middle of a busy intersection mother and son are selling deep-fried chicken skin from an iron tray. They are protected from the sun only by the old faded umbrella.

A student pays a taxi scooter driver in a bright orange vest. For some reason she did not even look at his face. Next there is big Australian man bargaining with a pink tuk-tuk driver for a trip to Wat Pho. The old thai woman sews things directly on the street where the rust-covered sewing machine is standing.


Wires run through the street filled with gold statues of unthinkable deities at an affordable price. Transparent skim is moving a bit  from the measured breathing of the giant yellow Buddha. Above you can hear a buzz of the passing trains.

A young office clerk runs out of the cool subway to catch the nearest scooter taxi driver. A white wet shirt clings to his back. Three young men sit on a bike waiting for the green light at the crossroads. Their legs stick out in different directions like porcupine thorns.


A blond girl with a red face from the sun is sipping coins in 109 pots in the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. She is very focused probably thinking about something really important. There at the exit a monk in orange robes gathered a flock of colorful cats beside him. In an impatient expectation of food they climb onto each other and on him.

In the flower market woman lovingly cleans the smooth huge green leaves. They shine in the sun as if plastered with wax. In Chinatown tubby teenage girl is dancing in the street. She does not care how people look at her. On the other side in the shadow of the trays there is a man sleeping on the mat. There is a large gray cat lying beside him.


And this list can be continued until the very end of time because this is Bangkok, the «majestic capital of the world.»


Next time we will meet with the boy and his fire)


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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