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A little bit about Chicago museum: art under the protection of the lions

First to mention is that a visit to the Chicago Art Institute was initially not planned. But it was decided the occurrence and while passing by the white building with glassy walls simply impossible to miss the gift shop  filled with pieces of art of all sizes and types.


And if there is such beauty in the shop then what can be found in the museum's corridors. Besides, the sign of Tripadvisor on the door naming museum the best one in the world really intrigued. So be it.


The museum even though being quite large is surprisingly not tedious. Each department is clearly verified in its scope and number of exhibits. It is not overwhelmed by the details like Vatican or Hermitage, where after a couple of hours they start to drive you crazy.


Asia, Africa, pre-Columbian America and Europe are mixed in equal proportions: weapons and armor, artifacts of various tribes and nationalities, exhibits of arts and crafts, big and small, undamaged and barely extant.


And of course the Art Institute of Chicago is a bastion of Impressionists and American artists. Renoir and Van Gogh, Matisse and Warhol, Picasso and Monet, Cezanne and Pollock — they are clenched, intertwined but still left with their private space. The space in which they catch strolling visitors requiring them to give admiration and praise. Artists are in such a need for that.

Entrance fee — 25$


And next time i will show you real Batman's city — Cotham!

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