Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, Sierra Nevada, Central California, USA
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A little bit about erosion: what to see in Yosemite Valley

Despite the fact that the Yosemite National Park covers an area of 3000 square kilometers most of its visitors do not leave the spot of 18 square kilometers.



One cannot blame them for that because even for 2 days it was possible to get to just a couple of key points. Collected on the car counter hundreds of kilometers of serpentine — and this is only one way from the hotel to the valley — provide a comprehensive facts about the real size of the park that is being squeezed in a color A4 size flyer. But this little piece titled Yosemite Valley is the most luscious distillation of natural resources of these lands. And they are a least a bit civilized unlike the remaining 89% of the territory of the park being a wild territory.


1.Glacier Point

Observation platform buries its soft tops into the turquoise sky. It’s early morning and every exhale pushes the cloud of steam. 2199 meters above sea level reminds just a slightly hilly meadow. Its smooth rhythm is broken only by the sharp tip of the gray monolith.


All the light bluish haze above the hills is draining into a deep shadow that is hiding the scar on the split side of Half Dome. And if to take binoculars on the bald 2693-meter top one can see the tiny figures of desperate climbers.

2.Tunnel View

Mistress erosion did her best raising monolithic giants over a green valley. The shadows of the slowly creeping clouds are petting the granite flanks of El Capitan and its small minions — every moment changing the image beyond recognition.



These metamorphoses are fascinating. They make you believe that this is not the clouds moving and the mountains themselves and sandwiched between them valley leisurely flow and move through each other simulating turbulent brushstrokes on Van Gogh paintings.

3.Tioga Road

The road through the park runs at elevations from 600 to 4000 meters above the sea level. Framed with small red giants it meanders and wobbles trying to throw you on a gentle slope. Serpentine keeps you in tension and it's nice.


Perhaps he himself is wondering what would be around the next corner. Descent makes one more attentive to steady the move of iron horse. Raising up the hill allows to press on the gas so that to feel the pleasant power of centrifugal force on a bend. Like that you can go hundreds of kilometers without noticing time and dissolved into the synchrony of running along the sides of road copper trunks.

So we have finshed our journey around deserts and mountains. But there is still Los Angeles left!


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