Herzogstand mountain in german Alps
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A little bit about infinite stone sea: Herzogstand peak

The cabin of the cableway goes up so quickly that the ears are blocked instantly. But in less than a couple of minutes you are taken to the top on the sides of cragy giant covered with morning dew. This is like being lifted up from the narrow streets with compressing homes on the top floor balcony in skyscraper.

And recently seemed inaccessible mountains turn into gentle rolls of soft hills. Morning haze hides them in its arms blurring colors and making them almost monochrome. Melted tops are gently flowing from one to another. Giant stone sea waves forever frozen in their measured movement.


Reaching the peak and suddenly the elastic waves are turning into multi-ton clods of stones. They slowly press down under them the valley so defenseless in its nakedness.

It seems that the mountain series is crawling on the green valley like the stream of quietly solidifying lava – the edge is already set but the inside is still soft and sticky like the tar heated by the sun.

And then a narrow trail to the next vertebra of the mountain ridge. And it seem like there is no fear of heights but the balcony is not secured and sometimes for the restless consciousness it’s better watch down the step. And this strange irrational feeling of simultaneous anxiety because you are almost 2 km away from the flat ground and understanding that hardly one can fall down...


How to get to Herzogstand mountain from Munich:

1.From the main train station of Munich take the train to Kochel HB. This will be the last station.

2.There take the bus 9608.

3.Leave on the bus stop ‘Walchensee Herzogstandbahn’. There is a cable car to the top.

Study carefully the bus schedule back to Kochel — buses do not go so often. If you missed the last one you can go to ‘Garmisch — Partenkirchen Bahnhof’ – there will also be trains to Munich.

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