Weißglut design shop in Munich Germany
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A little bit about Scandinavian style in Munich: Weißglut concept store

If you want to plunge not only into the fine world of design but also into a sincere hospitality of shop owner then you have no other option but to visit the store ‘Weißglut’.


In German ‘weißglut’ means bright glow of ceramic at the time of its maximum heating so that it becomes white.

So the shop space bright and clean is like a reflection of this light. What could be clearer and more restrained in its visual incarnation than the design that came from Scandinavia. Elegant simplicity and fine weathered lines — that's what makes it so recognizable.

Soft graphic of ceramic products is hypnotizing. Time stops when exploring thin lines of geometric patterns that frame the sides of clay walls. You can’t but touch the elegant forms to feel the change of the soft roughness into a smooth glaze. It is impossible to break away from the play of light and shadow on the ribbed sides of small jars. Such a fascinating plainness. Visiting this shop will be a real journey into the world of restrained elegance and charming simplicity.


Address:Hackenstraße 1, 80331 München

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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