Photo of Koh Lipe island, Butang Archipelago, Thailand
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A little bit about the lost archipelago: Thailand islands. Part 1

Today dear friends we will go to the Thai island named Koh Lipe and the surrounding it archipelago. Lost in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea at a distance of three hours by boat to the nearest big land the island is packed with hotels, cafes and massage salons on every hundred meters.


There are no cars here. They all ride mopeds with iron carriages welded to them. There are taxis here although you can walk through the whole island in 20 minutes.


There is a school for local children and free Wi-Fi in every cafe. There are running gangs of dogs and every hotel is 'roofed' by its own flock.


There is a separate temple and every day at 5 pm monks sing their songs. Here in the day it is a paradise sunny island and every night tropical rainstorms with continuous winds start.


And in the evening the whole island gathers on a narrow street of 500 meters to eat fresh fish that was caught some hours ago. And this is the only stronghold of civilization on this archipelago.


To be continued...

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