A little bit about the road of the temples: the route through Bangkok. Day 1

1. Start the day with a cup of coffee on the waking Khao San Road. In the morning there won’t be stuffy crowds and it will be possible to slowly enjoy the drink while watching the cheerful sellers unfolding their goods. Good moment to bargain souvenirs at an affordable price. And then go to explore the ancient Thai architecture. READ MORE

A little bit about the Reclining Buddha: Wat Pho temple in Bangkok

The full name of the temple of Wat Pho is translated as ‘Temple of the Buddha awaiting the attainment of nirvana’. I do not know if it is really possible to achieve nirvana and harmony among these crowds of tourists and travelers, but to experience visual ecstasy is very probable. READ MORE

A little bit about freediving: let the sea inside

For many thousands of years freediving or diving under the water in a mask served a good service to humanity. It allowed to hunt and procure sea creatures at the bottom, it gave precious pearls. And later it turned into a sport. But most of the modern freedivers do not strive for record depths or delicacy for dinner. They are drawn under the water by the universe and the blooming flowers of space. But let’s start from the beginning. READ MORE

A little bit about muddy waters: the Chauphraya river in Bangkok

The river in the city is always a separate attraction which should never be neglected. These squeezed in stone pavements waters can tell a lot about the places along which they have their way. Being pure and unblemished before flowing through towns rivers indiscriminately absorb everything that modern megacities can offer them. They reflect them becoming the main axis of the bubbling civilization. Rivers can become a calm line where you can just walk and take a breath as it is felt in Europe. And they can bring even more anxiety to the already standing on its head city as it turned out in Bangkok. READ MORE

A little bit about the panic in the eyes: Chinatown in Bangkok

There is Chinatown almost in every self-respecting city. It’s like a mark, a sign. Only it’s unclear of what- the curse or the quality. The Chinese quietly capture the whole world growing from one street to the whole blocks like a fungus on the body of the city. And Bangkok was no exception although the fact of Chinatown presence in the Asian city seems a bit unexpected. READ MORE