A little bit about Budapest: hilly Buda

The west bank of Budapest appeared to be more cheerful than the east one — panoramic views from Gellért Hill did their job. But it was definitely a hill — only you have geared up for the pace of ascent and suddenly there is already a peak unexpected crowds of tourists. The secret was simple as the parking for buses was just around the citadel. According to one of the Russian-speaking guides: ‘Now you see the most beautiful panoramic view in Europe’. Weeell…»One of the most» would be more appropriate… Although of course the might of Danube slowly flowing body framed by a crown of pendant bridges cannot leave indifferent. READ MORE

A little bit about Budapest: stony Pest

So … the capital of Hungary. I am sitting and trying to remember anything good or at least not so good about the eastern bank Pest and it is fully blank. It seems to be beautiful classical European city, kind of cross between Prague and Vienna only not so pompous. But it simply didn’t touch something inside, didn’t let feel him. Pest showed only streets carpeted with gray clouds and gloomy concrete faces of the buildings. Only running around the streets bright sunny taxis gave a ghostly hint that maybe things are not so bad and the city is simply not in the mood. Maybe next time… READ MORE

A little bit about Budapest: Kerepesi Cemetery

That seems to be quite simple – man has a map of the city and on this map one sees the sight-seeing place that is needed. What can be easier? But then man comes to the place and sees the fence … a long one, serrated. And the spot is right there spread before the eyes but as it is said: ‘So near yet so far’. And so a man goes from one side to another, making the way through the stables and garages so that eventually find the most important almost the sacred point of concentration of all the things — the entrance … Why not to indicate on the maps where exactly the entrance is? Or am I the only one like that… READ MORE