A little bit about the differences: Chicago vs. New York

Eternal rivals in the battle for the hearts of the East Coast residents, two industrial giants, both covered with skyscrapers. So identical in their visual outlook but so different in their nature. READ MORE

A little bit about Gotham: Chicago at night

I do not know how it is in the comics and movies but as for me the real Gotham City is hidden the City of Winds Chicago. Impregnated with its industrial past his dark entity goes out for a walk exactly at the night time. READ MORE

A little bit about Chicago museum: art under the protection of the lions

First to mention is that a visit to the Chicago Art Institute was initially not planned. But it was decided the occurrence and while passing by the white building with glassy walls simply impossible to miss the gift shop  filled with pieces of art of all sizes and types. READ MORE

A little bit about runways: Chicago viewpoint

Sears Tower or Willis Tower is the tallest building in America since 1973. It means that in 43 years, quite a considerable period, even the New York skyscrapers were not able to catch up almost half a kilometer colossus. So today we will visit one of the highest viewpoints of the world — Skydeck on 103rd  floor. READ MORE