A little bit about records: the Guinness Museum in Copenhagen

Honestly saying there is absolutely nothing to do there. It seems to be quite an interesting topic but presented in such an insipid manner that you begin to wonder if you are still in Denmark… READ MORE

A little bit about Christiania: Designer shops

Denmark like all other Scandinavian countries is famous for its addiction to clean and sleek design. Simplicity of forms, laconic lines and calm colors — all this can be found in almost any city design store. But there are even more interesting places. READ MORE

A little bit about simple shapes: Assistens Cemetery in Copenhagen

Only a stone fence states that beyond its borders it’s not just an ordinary park but the old city cemetery. As in Germany people do not hesitate to walk with dogs or strollers or take slow health-improving jogging sets. And like the rest of Copenhagen the cemetery is simple and succinct in its lines and forms. READ MORE