A little bit about Verona: how the soul is walking among the tombstones

Verona is a nice Italian town with narrow sunlit streets, scurrying around cyclists and scooter drivers, constantly winking Italian men and lying on every corner cats and dogs. Tourists are numerous. Cafes for these tourists are even more numerous. As a conscientious tourist I touched the bust of that very Juliet who never ever was in Verona. The poor girl was occupied on all sides and all her naturally protruding parts where polished to a shiny luster. READ MORE

A little bit about the sinking city: mazes of Venice

Oh, Venice, so fucking incredible Venice. How long I desired to take a walk on its streets and how short was out date.It’s funny because usually when you want something for very long time and finally get it the joy of this moment is not so strong as compared to the joy of imagining this very moment. And it was such a relief when realizing that this time there will be no disappointment. READ MORE

A little bit about EXPO-2015: it’s easier to visit the country itself than to wait in the queue

Once upon a time somewhere in 2013 when looking through the National Geographic magazine I came across an article about the World Expo event  which takes place in different parts of the world. Photos were filled with crowds of people in kilometer-long queues and unusual buildings. And the little note in the corner of the page stated that the next global exhibition is not far off and will be held in 2015 in Milan. It’s quite realizable I thought then and even created a sticker on the computers desktop. Well «Less talk – more action». So today we’re going to EXPO- 2015 in Milan. READ MORE

A little bit about Italy: Ponza dazzling island

To my surprise the cherry on the Italian cake turned out to be Ponza island.It felt at once that the rules of big land cannot applied as island spirit reigns here. On Ponze everything is bright, sunny and delicious. The sun seemed to permeate through the city and because of that there was a strong desire to draw your finger into these colors and eat them as cream cake. READ MORE