A little bit about the sea-soaked spices: Store Ses 3 Maries in Mallorca

Well how could I have passed by the store the logo of which depicts 3 Russian beauties in headscarf? And the sixth sense did not disappoint. Everything what is is sold here — dozens of bags and boxes with colorful spices, jars with as well colored oils, lotions, candles, unusual scents of imprisoned in the glass flowers and ceramic  crafts — all this things are authentic from the island. And not even speaking about those postcards… To sum, up all this gourmet pleasures can be found at C / De la Pescateria, 2, 07001 Palma De Mallorca, Spain   READ MORE

A little bit about rattling wooden houses: a journey to the Port de Sóller

It is possible to get from Palma de Mallorca to Port de Soller in a very romantic, a little jarring way — by train over a mountain range. Anticipation of adventure felt as soon as you enter sun-heated wooden house on the wheels. Even wide open windows can’t help to fresh up but for sure it is a very special pleasure when sitting on the heated leather seat … And there is it’s own pleasure in the regular soft cabin rocking, rumble of the iron wheels and light-touching warm wind. The reality lulls enveloping, playing shadows between the eyelashes, letting the echo of voices somewhere on the periphery of the sleep. READ MORE

A little bit about desolated city: Spanish village in Mallorca

Like any resort town in the morning Palma de Mallorca is almost a ghost town — quiet streets absorbing the first signs of the midday heat, few people running in the shadows of the houses. Not surprising that the local landmark — Spanish Village – didn’t express any signs of at least some life not counting cashier dozing in the cool of the building. READ MORE

A little bit about Palma de Mallorca: city around the cathedral

Despite the fact that the Cathedral La Seu is located in the southern part of Palma de Mallorca there is a strong feeling that the entire town is turning it around exactly it, obsequiously bowing to the powerful columns and all-seeing eye of the Gothic rosace. In any open space the sun-burnt amber Cathedral is always looming somewhere on the horizon. And maybe this is what distinguishes Palma from other resort towns mostly filled with bars and cafes. But here there is such a gigantic thing on the hill like a mountain dotted with sharp peaks. And even huge multi-stored whitewashed hotels can’t eclipse the monumental structure. READ MORE