A little bit about left-hand traffic: how to drive on Malta

As promised I will tell a little bit about how it is to drive when the usual coordinate system is turned on its head. In general it appears that 34% of all the Earth inhabitants drive with the left-hand traffic rules. I thought that was just the lucky ones Great Britain, Japan and Australia but it turned out to be the whole of India, the entire lower piece of Africa, most of the islands of Southeast Asia and Oceania and even a couple of countries in the South Americas. Well and Malta. READ MORE

A little bit about the Maltese Necropolis: Addolorato cemetery

You can’t name this place in any other way — this is really a real necropolis, a city of the dead, one of the most formidable that I ever met. The unprecedented area of the cemetery is filled with bronze and marble angels and saints guarding the peace of the sleepers. READ MORE

A little bit about torture: Catacombs of Mdina

Sometimes you enter some place, some exhibition or the gallery or you start to watch a movie and from the very beginning you are already sure that it’s going to be really rocking. So with the Museum of Torture in the ancient catacombs of Mdina it was the same feeling. READ MORE