A little bit about the pole: it seems to be so easy

It seems to be so easy just to climb up the iron post, hung upside down there and make a couple of tricks. It is easy to question this hard work when you look at performing girls and with what ease and grace they are doing all the elements. READ MORE

A little bit about the fire 3: how the flame is dancing in the rain

The second in line of burning event was a festival of fire FireTrend. Here all the fire handlers could show their skills. Unfortunately it was possible to make photos at the end but the most fun it is usually exactly at the end). READ MORE

A little bit about the fire 2: how to burn the library

The spring months in Minsk turned out to be very busy in the events particularly with such a hot substance like fire as a co-star. First in line was the Night of Libraries. Loitering in the halls of the Scientific Library of Belarus National Technical University people seemed to be just killing time while waiting for the most important show. Slowly people started to flow to the backyard where fire conquerors in the black robes were already doing preparations. READ MORE

A little bit about grace: Dressage Championship in Ratomka

It’s not the first time that Belarus hosts international dressage contest in Ratomka. As the largest equestrian center in Belarus it is impossible to imagine a better place for such graceful competitions. Arena turned into a real theater stage for an elegant tandem of an animal and a human. Stately handsome animals with their elegant rider danced their performances gently pawing the sand with their thin legs. How diligently they paced their passages lifting highly their front legs. How proud they were carrying their fragile riders performing more complex elements such as piaffe. How easily and naturally their hooves were sliding over the ground during lateral movements. But even without the complex elements of dressage it is impossible to look away from the movement so refined and graceful animal like a horse. READ MORE