A little about Budva: hard-core and abandoned hilarity

I have to admit that did not like Budva. At all. Her only advantage is probably the fact that this is a central transport hub and a capital of Montenegro. But again quite disputable advantage. Basically it is unremarkable tourist village resembling a little bit the Crimea, but some not really good one… maybe because with age you begin to see everything differently and the right Crimea was in childhood. READ MORE

A little bit about the cemeteries: biting Kotor

The cemetery of Kotor is located near a busy road and maybe that’s why it did not want to stand me for a long time preferring me not to hold and go on like everyone else. It fall into silence from the creak of the old gate suspiciously examining new visitor and trying to look respectable before 2 old ladies cleaning the grave. While I could hear the quiet rustling of their brooms it let me walk through and study the details:  strange pegs (as it turned out later — to attach the flowers) and glass tears with flowers inside. READ MORE

A little bit about the fjords: a sea trip

Having observed the Kotor Bay from above one can try to approach it by another way — along the sea. But it must admitted that the views from the water were not so spectacular although of course were striking in their magnificence: a scattering of red roofs at the water’s edge and going up backs of huge basalt whales concealing in a whitish haze of the bay corners. READ MORE

A little bit about Kotor: the guardian of the bay

If you google Montenegro the first picture you will get is the view of the bay from the Kotor fortress. But that’s just no one mentions that in order to see this kind of view one need to walk a few hundred steps up (but it seems that the count  was for the thousands) with the sun heating the crown of your head, with halfway warm water … all in all, hehey, great fun! READ MORE