A little bit about erosion: what to see in Yosemite Valley

Despite the fact that the Yosemite National Park covers an area of 3000 square kilometers most of its visitors do not leave the spot of 18 square kilometers. READ MORE

A little bit about the mountain cool: Yosemite Park

Probably what one can really love about America is it’s metamorphosis of the landscape behind the windscreen of the car — just a couple of hours and the withering desert hell turns into cooled mountain freshness. READ MORE

A little bit about the diversity of the desert: what to see in Death Valley

On the Google maps Death Valley looks like a big cream spot with crossing it almost invisible lonely road. One can think that a desert is the same monotonous in live. But the vast uninhabited fields may be very surprising. As you move the valley changes its shades, its rhythm and construction. It’s all the same stones, the same sand, but absolutely different. The only thing that remains unchanged is the dark roadway stubbornly wading through the dried lands. It gives a false sense of calmness and separation from the merciless wasteland outside of the window. READ MORE

A little bit about hellish cauldron: Death Valley

Motor of the car fades chopping off the soft breath of the air conditioner. Despite the fact that the interior is cool I already know that outside the metal will crackle softly reminding the sound of wood swallowed by the fire. It is not surprising — even a white paint of the car can’t save it from the 40 degree heat. READ MORE

A little bit about a walk along the Grand Canyon: bags of air-dried meat

One of the most popular points of visiting the Grand Canyon located on its south side and is called the South Rim. Turning from the Route 66 near the town of Williams in an hour one can reach the Grand Canyon Village. It is a small town with a couple of hotels and museums which is located right next to the canyon edge. There is a walking trail along the very edge of the gorge. Also anyone can rent a bike. READ MORE