A little bit about chaos: traffic in Bangkok

Once upon a time while walking along the streets of Paris and Rome I was absolutely bewildered by the traffic on their streets. It seemed to me that there was a complete chaos on the road. Nobody observed the rules, everyone was screaming and constantly beeping. Special occasion was a circular motion around the Arc de Triomphe on The Avenue des Champs-Élysées. In the dusk of falling twilight I was observing the blurred round dance of bright headlamps and there were only two questions in my head: «How haven’t they crashed yet?» and «Why haven’t they crashed yet?». But I didn’t visit Asia yet… READ MORE

A little bit about energy ‘thrombus’: Thai massage

One of the really cool things that is worth trying in Thailand is Thai massage. The good thing is that you can take advantage of this opportunity literally at every step. On the island of Koh Lipe the main entertainment artery — The Walking Street — is literally crammed with massage salons. Squeaky calls -‘Thai Massage’- of sun-thawed Thai woman with a special stretching of the last letter A turn into a baton passed along the street. But the supply greatly exaggerates the demand so most of the salons are empty. The same can be told about Bangkok. READ MORE

A little bit about happy poverty: people of Thailand

The first thing that usually travelers who returned from Asia discuss is not temples or architecture, but people. How incomprehensibly happy and relaxed they are in comparison to Westerners. How they enjoy every moment of their existence and do not rush anywhere despite the fact that they have very little. And indeed it is. But is this really so utopian as it seems from the outside? READ MORE

A little bit about the hotbed for commerce: Khao San Road in Bangkok

It is rumored that here you can meet free travelers from all over the world. They will necessarily have a hippy look, a huge faded backpack and the same color baggy pants, braids in the hair and dusty torned up Converses. Here they had their own special incomprehensible Mecca. Once upon a time. READ MORE

A little bit about the hot friendship: the boy and the fire

If you can’t imagine your vacation without nightly dances and parties until the morning then you definitely should not go to the Koh Lipe island. Because the most stormy party here ends at 11 pm. At this time half of the island is already sleeping because the next day they will meet with the very dawn. Someone has morning yoga, someone jogs on still cool streets, and someone has scuba diving or even freediving. At 8 am the island is completely on its feet. READ MORE