A little bit about Moscow: in breadth and high into the air

For the first time i came to Moscow I could not get rid of a persistent feeling that I was like Alice in Wonderland — ate cake and declined in growth so the world around me grew to the unprecedented dimensions. READ MORE

A little bit about gigantic Stonehenge: Moscow City

Moscow itself is a colossal city not only in width but also in height. And it’s hard to imagine that over the Stalinist skyscrapers something even more enormous can be built . But people did it and now every time entering the city it’s hard to take the eyes from the glass giants scraping the sky and stretching higher and higher like stalagmites. READ MORE

A little bit about the small beasts: Moscow zoo

Moscow Zoo is one of the oldest zoos not only in Russia but in the whole Europe. And if in old days it could boast of its size in our days squeezed by huge concrete colossi it seems very small on the scale of this huge city. And all the animals from small to large purposely shriveled, shrank themselves in size so  that somehow squeeze into their small cages. They are quietly moving in their tiny pens translucent walls of which are occupied by vast human beings. Only giraffe don’t  give up and is proudly walking pulling up its spotted neck almost reaching the spire of the nearest Stalin Empire tower. READ MORE