A little about the price issue: how expensive was it

Usually the most important question the answer to each it is very hard to find on the Internet — how much money has been spent on the trip? Outset no matter how hard you try but America is an expensive country. Especially with regard to over continental flight and hotels in major cities. READ MORE

A little bit about driving: how to rent a car in the United States

It is impossible to overestimate the opportunity to have your own wheels especially while being in such country as America because here it is not about the cities but about taking a car and going to the national parks. It is impossible to convey the feeling when your favorite music is playing, hands on the wheel can feel the vibration of the working motor and there are the vast expanses and a black ribbon of road in the windshield. This feeling is freedom. READ MORE

A little bit about erosion: what to see in Yosemite Valley

Despite the fact that the Yosemite National Park covers an area of 3000 square kilometers most of its visitors do not leave the spot of 18 square kilometers. READ MORE