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A little bit about the hotbed for commerce: Khao San Road in Bangkok

It is rumored that here you can meet free travelers from all over the world. They will necessarily have a hippy look, a huge faded backpack and the same color baggy pants, braids in the hair and dusty torned up Converses. Here they had their own special incomprehensible Mecca. Once upon a time.


Once upon a time on this half-kilometer street unexpectedly appeared an unprecedented number of foreigners. They wanted to celebrate 2525th  Buddhist New Year but did not want to pay a lot of money for hotels. And what for if they could rent a room from local rice merchants and get to major events and attractions in several minutes.


The owners of the rooms instantly sensed this gold mine and promptly organized a proposal for such an unexpected demand — the street turned into one big mini-hotel. And it was filled with those “Richards” with the face of Leonardo di Caprio who were looking for their untouched paradise on Earth.

In the evenings when the heat subsided these tramps were sitting directly on the sidewalk and were telling each other stories of their wild travels while sipping beer or twisting joints. Faces and bodies of thousands of shapes and shades were floating before them. And the delight for their ears was the music of hundreds of murmuring dialects.

Already at dusk they were finishing their cigarettes, inhaling the vibrating air and going to drink the blood of the cobra and to dance the soul from their body until the dawn.


But the golden age is fading away. Even if you have not been there before it seems that the place has lost its power. It dried up because commerce broke out to its source.

From Mecca the street turned into a flea market with stands of cheap Chinese clothes. People go around not looking for burning eyes and amazing stories but in search of a souvenir at the best price. And the locals are trying to drag them to the nearest bar or salon of Thai massage.

A huge fat woman called Globalization swallowed this «paradise».And only occasionally a face with a tangled beard and goose paws on the tanned skin around always laughing eyes flashes in the crowd of well-dressed tourists in the ironed T-shirts.


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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