Photo of Wat Pho, Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand
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A little bit about the Reclining Buddha: Wat Pho temple in Bangkok

The full name of the temple of Wat Pho is translated as 'Temple of the Buddha awaiting the attainment of nirvana'. I do not know if it is really possible to achieve nirvana and harmony among these crowds of tourists and travelers, but to experience visual ecstasy is very probable.


Almost invisible in a high white wall gates instantly separate the noisy street from 80 thousand square meters of the temple complex quiet corners. It is the small world of the Buddha, its refuge in the raging around chaos of Bangkok. Here he is praised and exalted, adored and honored. And the apogee is a huge 46 meter high statue of several stories high.

To fit the gold-covered giant into the building it was necessary first to erect a statue and only afterwards the vihan around it. The temple itself collected only the most-most in Thailand: the largest lying Buddha, the largest number of smaller statues. There are about a thousand of them.


Galleries with 400 copies of small golden Buddhas are watched by stone guards specially brought here from China in the 19th century. These bearded beings almost imperceptible in the bright splendor of the temple keep the peace of the deity shining in the sun. And the relaxed master of the temple watches the visitors with thousands of eyes on hundreds of faces. He does not judge, does not spy but simply blissfully examines the life flowing in front of him.


But in the oldest temple in Bangkok is not only the Buddha. There are also the temple premises themselves. And many, many stupas. In fact these cone-shaped columns are the basis of Thailand's temple architecture. But they appeared only in 1782 when General Chakri proclaimed himself King Rama 1. Then he ordered to erect a green 41-meter chedi. Well later on other monarchs as signs of respect to each other built other three largest in the temple colorful stupas one more beautiful than the other.

In general, walking around the temple complex, among all these obscure constructions at some point comes the realization that you have never seen anything like this before. The pictures can be but not in reality. It's really something unusual, so original and unique. It can be found only here and nowhere else. And it's amazing. The imagination of a man, his mind that is capable of creating such things is striking.


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