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A little about Brooklyn Bridge: 5434 steel strands

Manhattan is connected with the mainland by seven bridges but the whole world wants to walk only on one of them — the one that leads from the resurgent today Brooklyn to the financial heart of the island.

A century ago this giant was the longest suspension bridge in the world and every crazy person of New York had a secret dream to end his life here flying 41 meters into the icy waters of the strait. Today we will take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.


In the early 19th century when the city continued to swell as yeast and the ferry between Manhattan and Brooklyn once again was out of order due to the vagaries of nature there was an urgent need to connect the center with the growing suburb.

The bridge was built by the whole family in the literal sense of the word. First, the head of the family John Roebling, then his son Washington Roebling. The bridge killed the first one and luckily only injured the second one. Ferroconcrete giant succumbed only to a woman — the wife of John Roebling, Emily. Probably she knew the secret how to deal with men because only she was able to bring the building up to the end even though it took almost 30 years. And so from 1883 the strait of water bump into two 83-meter towers carrying almost 2 kilometers of the roadway of the bridge. It is difficult to imagine but at those time this project did not have analogues in the world.


Wooden pedestrian road is vibrating because of the rushing machines downstairs. The noises of the heated motors merge into the floundering among the iron spans hum. This sound is somehow reassuring as if in spite of everything it will be always here; as though time itself is flowing among rushing cars.

Twisted steel ropes divide the sky and skyscrapers on symmetrical pieces of the puzzle. Stone arch towers are bundled with web of interwoven ropes hanging from 40-centimeter thick carrying cables. There are 5434 steel strands spanned inside of each cable. The number is huge and still incomparable with those hundreds of thousands of tons that they hold. After all thin steel twigs should creak and groan under such tremendous weight but they just silently bear their service to human.


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