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A little about Budva: hard-core and abandoned hilarity

I have to admit that did not like Budva. At all. Her only advantage is probably the fact that this is a central transport hub and a capital of Montenegro. But again quite disputable advantage. Basically it is unremarkable tourist village resembling a little bit the Crimea, but some not really good one... maybe because with age you begin to see everything differently and the right Crimea was in childhood.

So where to start ... from the beaches! They are terrible in the most of Budva — classic picture of beach holiday when people sit on each other heads. Brrr... And all the water is defiled with motorboats oil so that one cannot see the bottom. Therefore it is best to go to the beaches by boat. But the best of all is go to Hawaii — the largest island opposite the town. There's not a lot of people, it’s deep, rocky and water is crystal clear even at the depth.

What's next ... shopping. Here it's complicated too- either it is the trashiest China or Dolce & Gabbana and Prada from the same China but with the price that is 100 times higher. But if you wander through the twilight allays of the old town by the smell of incense you can find some small local souvenir shops with hand-made things. And so much antiques! That was really surprising. But in the central part of the old town there were standing huge tables with all sorts of goodies:  figurines and brooches and so much of everything.

Another fun were people... It is so hilarious and sad at the same time to watch evening promenade 'girls'.  Honestly it would be much better if they wear swimsuits rather than that. I can understand everything  it is holidays and full relax but why to dress like a ‘streetwalker’ (to put it mildly), there are people around...But the queens are proudly floating along the street. The only benefit is that there are not too many of them.  Another type is medusa –macho, a jelly-like creature with alpha male gaze that undressed you right where you stand. Here you can only laugh. And mind blowing combo when these two individuals are together.

Sveti Stefan — very beautiful and very 'elite'.

What to say in Montenegro one should go away from people into the mountains — that's where all the most delicious is.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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