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A little about Copenhagen islands: Route 1

The route can be started from the Central Station and Tivoli Gardens.

1.City Hall and City Hall Square


The first building on my way was the Town Hall. The clock on the tower shows not only the time, date and day of the week but also the time of sunrise and sunset, moon phases and the church calendar indicating the date of Easter and other religious holidays. This is one of the tallest buildings in Copenhagen and at the top of the tower there is an observation deck . But as it opens only in the 11 hours and there was no waiting time we will visit another tower with good view.


And now let's walk through the square and dive into the narrow stone streets. Street Stroget collected all kinds of shops and cafes. There's a couple of good points with good Scandinavian design — Søstrene Grene, Illums Bolighus. There is also a shop of toys from Disney – it’s the first one I saw in Europe.


2.Christiansborg Palace

And while we were staring at the shop windows the time has come to climb higher and see the city from above. Palace is occupied by the Parliament and the observation platform on 44 meters in 106 meter tower can be visited free of charge.


At some point on the site a very elegant woman of 40 years appeared. She was in stylish dark coat, classic trousers and shoes on a small heel. Her blond hairs were collected in a slightly sloppy bun and her face was with a minimum of makeup. She caused a small discord being among the tourists in parkas, funny hats and warm shoes. Can she also be a tourist.

On the way down it turns out that there is a restaurant in the enclosed space below and visitors are just waiting for its opening. They just came to have breakfast with the city view. But even among those rich 'gentlemen' she stood out with some inner peace as the flock of tourists stood out against people in fur coats and diamonds.


3.The Church of the Savior

Pass by Børsen market exchang, cross the bridge and here we are near the Church of the Savior.


The main feature is a spiral tower with 400 steps at the peak of which there is the Golden Ball with four-meter figure of Christ. In winter it is unfortunately closed.




A couple of streets and here we are leaving the European Union — welcome to the Free City of hippies, misfits and just joint lovers. Here you can eat, buy all sorts of souvenires or just take a walk and enjoy the graffiti.


5.Copenhagen Street Food

I am sure you are already hungry. When leaving the free city I could not help but notice a very large crowd of people going in a certain direction. My route was not in that direction but intuition or curiosity prevailed. And sometimes it is better to trust them — there was a huge pavilion with food from all around the world. French fries and American burgers, German sausages and Italian pizza, Turkish doner, Mexican tacos and Moroccan tortilla. The last one was my choice. Very tasty and very nutritious)

And at that time there was an art installation by Yoko Ono.





On the bridge turn to the new harbor. There's a lot of cafes, shops and colorful houses of 17-18 centuries. If google Copenhagen photos there will be mainly from this little street. And from here it’s not far away from Strøget street where it is time to enjoy evening festive lighting.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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