The Eagle's Nest in Germany, Hitler's Kehlsteinhaus
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A little bit about Hitler's teahouse: how to fly with an eagle above the clouds

'Eagle's Nest'

The name 'Eagle's Nest' fully reflects the spirit of this place. Where else would the proud eagle build its nest as not on the outgrowths of stone ground that are gently enveloped by the damp clouds. These barely verdant mountains are like small islands scattered in the whitish wadded ocean. Cool air masses alternately swallow them like giant slow tsunamis and when it is almost cold release them again into the air.

Then you can see air blurred bottom of the ocean where seemingly sandy hills are covered with a soft layer of evergreen algae. Further on they are replaced by crawling knots of concrete corals — underwater inhabitants are diligently building their little houses. One can feel how the world is swarming in its bloated pomposity.


But here at the surf line of air masses only eagles and wind are in charge. This are the endless possessions of ancient Roc bird and its descendants.

Here in a viscous silence one can hear the rustling of the wind moving through the feathers of this mythical creature.And as once he was holding the ancient legendary creation on his shoulders today he continues to cherish its smaller descendants in his soft embrace.

And what would these formidable predatory birds do without their powerful patron. But this union is indestructible because who then will accompany the transparent vortices on these vast expanses.

We can’t but admit Hitler even though being as asshole knew how to deal with some things.


How to get to Hitler's teahouse 'Eagle's Nest':

Eagle's Nest situated in the Bavarian Alps near the Austrian city Salzburg. You can get there by train and bus but with numerous transfers. The entire journey takes about 2.5-3 hours. As this is Bavaria it is possible to save money and buy the Bavarian ticket.

1.From the main railway station in Munich (Hauptbahnhof) take train in the direction of Salzburg.

2.Leave this train on the station Freilassing and take another train to Berchtesgaden (it must be waiting for people that make change here). Berchtesgaden will be the last station.

3.They take a bus number 838 and exit at the bus stop ‘Dokumentation Obersalzberg’.

4.Go to the box offices and buy a ticket for another bus which will take you to the upper area where there is a direct elevator to the observation deck of the Eagle's Nest.

The bus ticket allows you to use the lift. When the bus arrives at the top it is advisable to choose the time when you'll go back so that to reserve the seat on the bus. Walking around along with dinner can take about 2 -2.5 hours.

That's all. To return use the same way.

Has anybody been there already? Share your experiences!

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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