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A little bit about Naples: to see it all in one day

Hello darlings! How is your mood today? Today we will have a trip across Naples. We will walk along narrow noisy streets with loud scooters, feel the power of stone fortresses, sit in the cool shadow of castels and churches, and enjoy the whole city on  the best viewpoints.

1. Train Station Or National Archaeological Museum of Naples

So I’ll say right away I'm a big fan of walking. All these subways, buses, taxis are all for the wimps)) As for me you can really feel the city only through your two legs. Therefore the route can be started from Garibaldi Square opposite the main train station. The place is certainly not the most luxurious. There are many representatives of the drinking nobility, pickpockets and for some reason entire blocks of African-Americans. But we won’t stay here for a long time and will head to the next  square via more decent Via dei Tribunali.

In this area you can truly soak up the atmosphere of the Italian city. Narrow streets with the washing hanging between the windows. Noisy Italians chatting near a local coffee shop that fits in a square meter. Rough walls faded under the sun. Still sleepy tourists at the flimsy tables of cafes along the sidewalk.

Loud scooters and motorcycles the roar of which turns into a sound tsunami bouncing from the shiny windows. Elegant Italian men in soft moccasins and with a soft abdomen. Packets of garbage at every corner. Dirty rivers between the flat stones of the paving stones running from the general cleaning of the cafe above the street. The coolness of the churches and the breathtaking smell of incense. It is as if you are wading through a dense stream of life itself.

The route can also be started from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. It will be especially free to walk around the museum in the morning while people are still waking up and there are no buses full of Chinese. And from here go to the funicular.

2. Cable car and Castel Sant'Elmo

There are 3 funiculars going to the castle on the mountain:

-Central one from Via Toledo to piazza Fuga;

-One cable car from Parco Margherita to Cimarosa;

-One cable car from Montesanto Square to Morghen.

Metro also goes there — line 1, stop Vanvitelli. From the stop to the castle its about 750 meters.

The closest to our route will be cable car on Montesanto Square. The castle is located on the hill. It was built in the 14th century to protect the city from the sea. Today it houses the Bruno Molajoli Art History Museum. Historical and art exhibitions and cute souvenir shop. Well the main attraction is the best view on Mount Vesuvius and the whole city.

3.Galleria Umberto I

After visiting the castle we will use the central funicular to Augusteo. Nearby there is the Umberto Gallery 1. The neoclassical building has a glass roof with lots of iron beams in a beautiful pattern. The gallery is a corridor between the palace and the theater. It was made so that the king did not soak his velvet shoes on the way to the theater. Today everything is very expensive and rich here: expensive boutiques of famous Italian and international brands, restaurants, pastry shops, a hotel, beauty salons and much more.

In the very middle there is a marble layout in the form of a compass and zodiac signs. Stand on the middle of it and make wishes)

5.Piazza del Plebiscito and the Temple of San Francesco di Paola

This is the center of Naples and the largest square of the city. The neoclassical temple was built in the likeness of the Roman Pantheon. There is a colonnade with statues of Ferdinand and Karl Bourbon. A powerful building, almost squeezing the square in its arms, protecting it from the multi-colored array of houses and windows that are falling behind. Very similar to the Vatican. Opposite it there is the Royal Palace.

6.Castel del Ovo (Castel dell’Ovo)

You can end the day with a walk along the promenade towards the castle island. The construction is located on the territory of the fishermen quarter. The castle stands on the island of Santa Lucia (yeah, like that same Quest Pistols song), which is connected with the city via a mound. It is believed that Castel del Ovo, or “Egg Castle”, stands in the place where Naples was founded by the Greeks in the 6 century BC. At the top there is an observation deck over the port of Naples.

The entire harbor between the breakwaters is clogged with local wooden boats. This is a springboard, and a private sunbed, and a place for cooking barbecue. Endless screams of children jumping into the water are running over the water.

As for me the question of food during the day in Naples should not even arise. In addition to cafes and restaurants, there are a lot of small pizzerias where you can take a huge, fat, warm piece of pizza with viscous cheese. The most delicious pizza is considered to be near the Garibaldi station — L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. It became especially popular after the film «Eat, Pray, Love.» Only two types of pizza are prepared here: Margarita and Marinara.

Naples underground runs from 06:00 to 23:00, but trains run very rarely — once every 10-15 minutes. The cable car to the Sant'Elmo fortress is open from 07:00 to 22:00, but the observation decks are closed an hour before the sunset.

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