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A little about rafting: 'Splash!'

Montenegro showed itself in its true magnificence of water and black stone interweaving at the very end at rafting on the small but sometimes stormy mountain river.

The road up to the river takes a few hours, but what hours! After each new curve of the road the mountains became higher and down at the foot thin rivers were turning into streams blinding by emerald-turquoise tint as if somebody poured paint into them.

Descent on the river takes about 2 hours but first 10-15 minutes are probably the most exciting when you have just sailed from the coast and suddenly rapids begin and the water around is booming.

Legs convulsively clinging to a single support in the form of a rope on the bottom of the boat, and the boat itself is hurled up and down, and splashes into the face...

Well just like grown-ups. But when you develop a taste for it ecstasy is going overboard.

But the river was not always violent and noisy — sometimes it turned into a calm crystal-clean surface. And then not to get bored icy shower began. Each boat had an instructor and at the beginning they announced that it is necessary to follow their 2 commands: 'Row' and 'Stop'. But this is soo boring... Our boat was final and so surrendering to the will of the stream we are slowly approaching suspecting nothing boat in front of us. Having reached the striking distance our instructor suddenly commands quietly 'Splash' and points to the relaxed and heated in the sun backs... screeching and screaming were blowing off). But we were served with the same sauce and at some point were surrounded and a small tsunami hit our small boat. Impossible how no one managed to lose a paddle in this fight.

But we all certainly laughed heartily. And then it was so nice to relax to the peaceful stream and offer ice droplets on the skin to the sun feeling as they slowly evaporate without pulling the skin like the sea salt but vice versa as if feeding face with mountains cool.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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