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A little about Split: Fortress on the mountain

In general what should be noted for Croatia is the hospitality of people. Yes of course we pay for housing but still they are very welcoming and warm. And for sure one can find something sweet for 'children' and something short for 'adult' in the room.

Therefore having not missed the chance to exploit the situation on the first morning of your stay in Split the son of landlady took us to the Klis Fortress. The guy was a student at the Medical University riding not a cheap red machine. Yes, yes, medical university ... and no wonder that even there once again I heard another story full of disappointment in medicine — all goes to the fact that I myself too will soon disappoint in it although I have absolutely no relation to it.

The view that the fortress offers is simply stunning. That's what I like about such places it's the fact that the guys knew where to put them. Yes of course everything was done not for the sake of beauty but for the sake of protection. But still for sure the guards who were standing on the post could not but see the beauty of the space and slow overflow of green hills into blue water.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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