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A little about the inner Copenhagen: Route 2

1.Assistens Cemetery

Yes it sounds a little provocative but I would rather call it a park with some sculptures of a certain character.

It is very quiet in here and you can watch running and playing dogs and say hello to Anderson.


And then walk along the Norrebrogade street across the bridge to Nørreport station. Just here, you can begin your journey if you are not found of ‘peculiar parks'. On the way there is a nice place for a cup of coffee or cocoa — Riccos Kaffebar.


2.Botanical Garden


Cross one block and plunge into the greenery and natural landscapes. About 13 thousand species of flora from all over the world can be found on these 10 acres of land. And in the very heart there is glass greenhouse looking more like a crystal palace. It is glowing from the inside with soft orange flame and through muddy from humidity glasses thickets languishing in the warmth can be seen.


3.The State Museum of Art

Across the road on the hill you can find the National Museum of Art. There is an opportunity to warm up in a cafe and enjoy the art if desired.




But we move on further as we are already being expected a flying island — Kastellet fortress. First we will meet the last working on the territory of Copenhagen mill. It is very old. Walk around the Citadel, pass through and let’s head to the city's main attractions.


5.The Little Mermaid

As it turned out it is not so in the center as I always thought. And of course the pipe factories and grim surroundings add ‘the atmosphere’.


6.Frederik's Church


Let's leave the sad creature and move to the center on the way visiting Frederik's Church- one of the main landmarks in Copenhagen in the Baroque style. The main feature of this Lutheran church is a huge dome with a diameter of 31 meters. It is supported by 20 columns.


Next time we will continue ride along America)


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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