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A little bit about a walk along the Grand Canyon: bags of air-dried meat

One of the most popular points of visiting the Grand Canyon located on its south side and is called the South Rim. Turning from the Route 66 near the town of Williams in an hour one can reach the Grand Canyon Village. It is a small town with a couple of hotels and museums which is located right next to the canyon edge. There is a walking trail along the very edge of the gorge. Also anyone can rent a bike.


From the main Information Center to Grand Canyon Village it is about 2 hours of slow walking. Not knowing all the harsh reality the plan was thought to walk and enjoy the views up to the Hermits Rest point. Ha-ha naive. When a map unexpectedly showed a distance of 11 km the plan had to quickly change into ‘having lunch in the nearest café’.


In general of course it was really a sacrilege – giving the canyon only one day. One must come here for a week as minimum to be able to reach this Hermits Rest. And as maximum to go down to the river to see the waters that flow here for millions of years.



Buses that are free for visitors and transporting them around the whole park are filled with such travel seekers. They bend under the weight of huge backpacks where each pocket is packed with some necessary stuff. And the packages of dried meat purchased at the nearest store are hanging on the carbines.

Its smell is seeping even through the plastic bag. Surely already this evening it will be eaten near a small but such a warm campfire diluted in the heart of the greatest canyon of the world.



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