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A little bit about Amsterdam: how to get high without a joint

Amsterdam is stunning you right from the doorstep. The second you are leaving the train station he dumps on you everything at once — the sounds, smells, people, dogs, trucks, bicycles, boats.

Everything is vibrating and breathing like a giant monster is lying under asphalt slowly filling the lungs of a huge city with the air.

City is moving and living and not just reviving to the evening time but slowly spilling over into the illuminated with neon lights twilight. And new fresh organisms jump into the flow.

Crowds of people are like a huge snakes rolling through the streets and swallowing the exposed areas of the pavement.

In none of the cities I have ever seen so many crowds on the streets and in none of the cities I did enjoy it.

I do not like to walk in the midst of the people but in Amsterdam you need to go into the heart of this endless flow because Amsterdam lives exactly there.

And when at the end of the day he finally releases you from his embrace and let you sit on the warm stones next to the red-and-white huge letters, then come peace and conciliation. Like the city was quietly and slowly clearing you until there are golden grains of happiness emerging from the pile of stones and dirt.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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