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A little bit about Amsterdam: how to meditate in the museum

As you know in Amsterdam there are a lot of museums. The main Rijksmuseum is almost like a mini-Louvre. And of course all sorts of museums for those who like it hot, yeah yeah 😉

But surprisingly today I will speak about the Museum of Navigation (Scheepvaartmuseum).

It seems like a regular museum of simple navigation but it often happens so that in the most unexpected places we find those grains of peace and appeasement for inconstant mind.

It all started from a room with a hologram of the sea where you're standing in the middle and the sea is lapping around you. Somewhere in the distance one can be seen the shore, hear cries of seagulls and the sound of waves. And that’s it, nothing more is needed.

You just stiffen, absorbed in a vacuum and there is nothing but an endless glassy surface of the sea around you, a slight feeling of pitching and an overwhelming desire to see the real sea.

The next room immerses you in a truly meditative state — dark, with a starry sky, glass boxes filled with shiny navigation instruments and a nice quiet music that rocks you to sleep like a baby.

And you wander slowly around watching the play of light on the golden solids of obscure objects and soaking up these moments of harmony and overwhelming gratitude to everything and everyone.

And from far away you still can hear the seagulls...

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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