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A little bit about Bavaria: Disney Castle

Does everyone know Disney? Does everyone remember this beautiful castle with spiers and flags and flying over star? Yees...and surprisingly this castle is situated in Germany and has a proud firstly unpronounceable name Neuschwanstein.

Historical reference:

Neuschwanstein Castle was not built as a fortification. It was also not aimed for the royal festivities. Neuschwanstein is the result of a romantic fantasy of monarch Ludwig II. In 1869 he was the one who ordered to lower rocks plateau down on 8 meters to create a miracle of architecture — designed in the style of a medieval knight's castle Neuschwanstein.

The construction of the castle took the record sum of 6 million gold marks. Immediately after the death of Ludwig II's the castle was opened to the public so that to cover expenses somehow.

The Germans like to joke that in order for Neuschwanstein Castle to be paid off every inhabitant of the planet has to visit it at least once. And it's really worth it.

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