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A little bit about Bavaria: the forest of Brothers Grimm fairy tales heroes

If you choose the right weather and the time and ride along the south of the Bavarian Alps somewhere in the fog you can discreetly pass the line separating reality from the world of fairy tales and visions.

But this is not the realm of the good, colorful fairy tales and stories from the childhood — no, this kingdom is dark and foggy.

Here ridges of wet mountains are covered with fibrous fog slowly rolling down the rough slopes.He's the boss here, he decides what to show to lost guests and what to hide in his huge body.

And suddenly somewhere in the whitish haze glimpsed the tower of Rapunzel as dark and bristly as the surrounding spruce. There dark figures of Hansel and Gretel holding hands are turning around the bend of slippery road. From the depths of the forest you feel icy eyes of King Thrushbeard catching every movement while hunting down deer on his feast.

But instead of an animal there are three sisters with different eyes, wild, tousled and making you wander are they people or mythical beasts. Looked back and notice hiding behind the fading hill Red Riding Hood. The wind brings the malevolent girlish laughter and the clatter of small ugly legs of gnarled gnomes. Here in the wooden and stone homes live ordinary people who think that these walls will save them from the mist that watches them with thousand eyes of gods and demons.

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