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A little bit about bookworms: Texxt store in Munich

You can’t imagine how it is to come from a journey without dragging home art book? Every time your heart bleeds when you see the price of sooo desired book? And the most importantly — your entire essence  trembles to the phrase “Taschen books”? Then I'll show you the gates to paradise ...

The gates are located in Munich Sendlinger Str Street. 24,80331 München. That's where you can experience the real book ecstasy — dozens of shelves lined with books on art, drawing, painting, design, photography, travel, music, cinema, culture and at least half of them are from Taschen publishing house. And at the sight of the price it’s not surprising to fall with heart attack right at the spot. To sum up  - «Once You Pop, You Can't Stop»

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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