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A little bit about Budapest: Kerepesi Cemetery

That seems to be quite simple – man has a map of the city and on this map one sees the sight-seeing place that is needed. What can be easier? But then man comes to the place and sees the fence ... a long one, serrated. And the spot is right there spread before the eyes but as it is said: ‘So near yet so far’. And so a man goes from one side to another, making the way through the stables and garages so that eventually find the most important almost the sacred point of concentration of all the things — the entrance ... Why not to indicate on the maps where exactly the entrance is? Or am I the only one like that...

So this point of universal power concentration threw me from busy multi-lane street into a soft pale feather bed garden of the old Hungary cemetery Kerepesi.

Every time you wonder how it is possible that being in the city center close to train stations and shopping centers such places can save their inner such vacuum silence. Probably because of all this whirring around bustle simply no one notices them and they merge with time disappearing from sight.

Therefore when entering their domains like Alice you fall down into a hole and now you're standing still and the whole world is rushing in a silent dance around you.

Going deeper into the city of obelisks more and more you start to feel sadness exuded by stone creatures created only for the silent mourning cries and forever frozen tears in their eyes. Probably only the wind knows their unrestrained howls and endless prayers so that mercilessly break them on marble columns. And nature is slowly creeping up to the snow-white creations, getting inside, slowly eroding and coating smooth bodies with stains and moss, muffling their roars.

That cemetery is beautiful in its grief.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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