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A little bit about Capri: The Isle of the Chosen

Hello darlings! How are you feeling? Today we will plunge into the world of luxury on Capri paradise island. It is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea and belongs to the Campania region. There is a ferry from Naples going here. You can also sail from the Amalfi coast, for example from Positano.


There are two versions for the origin of the island’s name. According to one island was named after a wild boar. Boar in ancient Greek — kapros. On the other hand, the name of the resort may have received from the Latin name of goat -caprea. In honor of the goat Amalthea that fed Zeus.

Legend states that Odysseus fought with Cyclops Polyphemus on Capri island. Scientists even found a cave where this exciting battle could take place. In the same harbor of Marina Piccola, the remains of the first settlers of the island were found.

There is another myth according to which the very same Odysseus fought here with chimeras. But here it turns out very confusing, because according to another legend these sirens lived on the islands near Positano. In general, somewhere in these waters Odysseus covered his team’s ears with wax, and tied himself at the match to outwit the sirens.

Since ancient times, the island has been very popular. The capital was founded by the Phoenicians. Then the Greeks lived here, followed by the Italians. The Roman emperor Octavian Augustus exchanged it for another island, lived here himself, and then transferred it to his successor Tiberius.

After thirteen years of rule in Rome Tiberius moved his residence to the island of Capri and the last 10 years of his life lived here while remaining the emperor of the Roman Empire. In addition, having gone a little insane at the end of his reign Tiberius turned Capri into a place of atrocities, debauchery and bloody massacres. He reveled power over his patrials in all possible manifestations. Not surprisingly, he was rather suspicious and afraid of conspiracies. Therefore, he built himself 12 villas which he was changing every night. Most surprisingly, this did not save him. Tiberius died in Miesen on the road from Rome where he traveled on his imperial affairs. Sick on the way he fell asleep and was strangled.

Nowadays Oscar Wilde, the Swedish Queen Victoria, Pablo Neruda, Fedor Chaliapin, Maxim Gorky loved to relax on the island. Wagner wrote the opera Tristan and Isolda, Aivazovsky devoted a series of sea landscapes to the island. In general, the island gathered Bohemia and the intelligentsia.


Capri's hallmark is the Blue Grotto or Azzurra Cave, located on the north coast of the island. You can only swim here in a small boat. Being inside is possible only for 5-10 minutes especially in hight season. You can’t swim and dive inside. Entrance to the cave is paid — 13.00 € (payment for boatman services is not included here). Payment is made immediately before entering the cave. Or you can just book an excursion from the port. The grotto has been known since ancient Rome and it is assumed that it was one of the favorite nymphs (the so-called sanctuary dedicated to the nymphs) of the emperor Tiberius. At the bottom of this grotto, several antique statues were found.

Another natural attraction is the cliffs of Faraglioni («Three Capri Sons»). Huge limestone reefs 111, 104 and 81 m high. In the middle rock there is an arch through which boats can go. Like in Crimea through the Golden Gate. In fact, “faralioni” is the common Italian word for all the rocks sticking out of the water. But the most famous Faralioni are located on Capri. You can see them in the most favorable light on the observation deck on Punta-Tragara-Belvedere, the gardens of Augustus, Marina Piccolo or from the top of Mount Solaro.

You can visit all those 12 villas in which Tiberius was hiding. There is a Villa of Jupiter, it is located on Mount Monte Tiberio. Or Villa Jovis. It was the last and largest with a territory of 7000 square meters. It stands on the mountain of Tiberius, more precisely on the slope, which descended to Cesin. The view from the north side of the villa covered most of the Naples Gulf.

Or Villa Malaparte on the cliff of Punta Massullo. It was nicknamed «Casa Kome Mi». It belongs to the important architectural monuments of the last century. Here Bridget Bardot and Marcello Mastroiani were filmed.

In order to see the maximum number of beauties at a time it would be ideal to order a sightseeing tour around the island on a ship. In Marina Grande harbor you can find many companies that offer boat trips around the island.

The second largest city of the island is Anacapri. Unlike the city of Capri, the center of Anacapri is more calm and wide. Here in Victoria Square there is a funicular to Mount Solaro. Or along Via Pagliaro you can walk to the Blue Grotto. There is a bus stop on the square.

Mount Solaro (589 meters) is the highest point of the island. The top can be reached by funicular. From here you can see the whole island, the cities of Capri and Anacapri, the Gulf of Naples and the city of Salerno.

At the very top of the island only wind and grasshoppers are heard. Thousands of small green legs rub against each other, plunging the mountain into the summer. They are bold and do not shut up, even when you make your way through dried thorny bushes. Just jump away from open summer sandals.

Sit on a hot stone. And immerse yourself into the island. Run along with the wind through the entire archipelago. Down to the protruding teeth of the rocks. Here, cozy white yachts and boats rush along the turquoise surface leaving foaming tails behind them, like comets. Their loud beeps reach the top of the mountain with only a soft echo.

Through the snow-white streets filled with people and the smell of food. Among the swaying masts of ships in the port. On a winding heated mountain road. To fly into the window of a fat bus and cool the faces of people tormented by the heat and sharp turns of the mountain road. Tickle the heels of tourists softened by the sun on the cable car. Hold in the shade under the cypress trees. Inhale the heated smell of coniferous resin. Play with the girls' light transparent blouses, and run back to the top of the island.

Open eyes. Grasshoppers' chatter breaks the vacuum crashing like a wave into the consciousness. Ahead along the boundless water there are floating foggy bluish islands. Drink cool water from thin crispy plastic. Look around. The voices of people are heard somewhere behind the trees. Bye, stone.

You can return to the city of Anacapri by the Phoenician stairs (Scala fenicia), which, according to legend, was built by the Phoenicians before our era. They lead to Capri. There will be many observation decks, gorgeous views and steps — 921 to be exact. If you are too lazy to go, then you can get to Capri by taxi or bus. But the bus may not be lucky and will require a lot of time. Because all the buses that stop at Victoria Square towards the port are clogged just to the eyeballs.

Another place where there is an observation deck with the view of Faraglioni cliffs is the gardens of Augustus. From here you can also see half of Capri, Mount Solaro, Marina Piccola Bay and the steep Via Krupp leading to it. In fact, it is the island’s botanical garden designed by terraces with sea views. Here, quite unexpectedly you can run nose to nose with V.I. Lenin. The author of the monument is the Italian sculptor Giacomo Manzu. This work was ordered by the Soviet embassy in Italy. The monument stands in front of the house of the writer M. Gorky, whom Lenin visited in 1908.


The most flights to Capri are from Naples and Sorrento. From Naples, the ship takes 45 minutes. Ports of Naples: Molo Beverello (located near Piazza Municipio), Moro Mergellina (located near the station of the same name) and Calata di Massa.

Sorrento is closest to Capri; the ship takes 20 minutes to reach it.

Upon arrival at the port you will need to reach the city itself. There are three ways: by funicular, by bus and on foot. The ticket office is located just to the left of the piers. One ticket applies to the funicular and to the bus. But they do not fit the lift on Monte Solaro, there are separate tickets (10 euros round-trip).

If you don’t have time for the funicular, you can try to take a bus. The bus stop is on the right (facing the funicular), after the ticket office of the port. From here you can leave to Capri and Anacapri.

The main transport here is either small buses, or long cabs with a convertible top. All cars that are used as taxis on the island are specially made and delivered only to Capri. Generally I haven’t seen such cars anywhere else.

Buses on the island are short and narrow. Like roads. Therefore, when traveling from Capri to Anacapri, I even got a little goofy. The cliff was very decent. And the speed is not small at. So the photos were taken without looking. The camera was boldly set out through an open window, but my glance did not move even on an inch from the opposite bus windows. In general, an unforgettable trip)

When leaving the island there should be no problems. In the port, each carrier company has its own cash register, its own entranvce, its own schedule board. The display shows the number and vessel type: fast Jet or TMW ferry.

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