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A little bit about cemetery in Munich: how living run among the dead

In one of the evenings strolling along the «New York» quarters in Munich I happened to come across a very small cemetery. I do not even first realize that this is was it: cozy park with benches and old men sitting on them, joggers running around ... and then I saw —  there are granite monuments sticking out of the bushes.

And then I remembered that from all the times I managed to be in Munich i haven’t visited «that place». So today we are going to the Old South Cemetery.

It was founded in 1563 by Duke Albrecht V as a cemetery for the dead from the plague. Now the cemetery has not working one and is used as a city park and open-air museum. There are many famous people buried on this cemetery such as Georg Ohm. Who is he one can ask? — the famous German physicist. He theoretically and experimentally confirmed the law which expresses the relationship between the current intensity in the circuit, voltage and resistance. Though I didn’t manage to find him.

On the whole description of «the city park and open-air museum» is true for all 100%. The picture is the same — joggers run, cyclists ride, old men sit, only duck are added. At first glance the cemetery does not seem to be very big but it's because the second part of it is hidden behind the high-high walls.

But the monuments of course are great. Very beautiful despite the fact that 70% were repeated everywhere, although with some unique sculptures as well.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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