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A little bit about Chinatown and the Statue of Liberty: Route 4

I have already written about Chinatow, but we need to focus on a couple of specific areas.

1.The International Center of Photography Museum

A good place to visit if you are lucky with exhibition. But in the lobby you can drink a delicious lavender cocoa.


2. Temples

What is the east without temples? But finding them is not easy — they are crammed into bare rectangular rooms behind conventional glass doors and unremarkable facades. There are 2 main temples- Eastern States Buddhist Temple and Mahayana Buddhist Temple. They are quiet and nearly empty except for the old Chinese cashier in the slippers politely smiling at the entrance.


3. Ferry and Statue of Liberty

And then on the subway or along Broadway you can walk to the tip of the island – from here  you can already see Ms. Statue of Liberty. But you can sneak up even closed.


There is a free ferry going to Staten Island that floats right next to Lady Liberty. You can swim there and make a quick run to catch the boat going back to Manhattan. In fact this trick is performed by almost the half of the ship.

In close almost 100 meters high Statue of Liberty seems not so much formidable and monumental as on the photos. Nearly 20 years the sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was creating the image that can convey the triumph of democratic values.

'The Mother of Expelled' is severe and firm and the way she lifts here torch gives confidence in the inviolability of the law and freedom on this land.


And already on the next week we will head to the City of Winds — Chicago!

At the same time Minsk is slowly drowning in snow!) How is the weather in your city??

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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