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A little bit about Copenhagen: foggy merchants harbor

There are so many adjectives that can be applied to this metropolis: this is one of the most expensive and the most environmentally friendly cities in the world; here are the highest salaries and the high level of quality of life; hippies live free here in the very heart of the town; it is a city of the Little Mermaid and the storyteller Anderson…Have you already guessed?) Today we will explore Copenhagen.


In several days before Christmas city of merchants is a bit gloomy. But it is not dull sadness but rather some kind of solemn fatigue in anticipation of upcoming New Year. Grey asphalt road is not different from the motionless thick sky.


And even in such a contrast colorful houses seem slightly faded as being sprinkled with ashes. All the colors of the city are flocking to the couple of streets so that to be closer to the warm holiday lighting and bright shop display windows.


And then at some moment comes the fog. He absorbs the streets, blurs already dull colors  leaving only the outlines of houses and towers. He swallows canals leading then into infinity. Centuries of history are hidden in this  whitish haze.


In this twists of languid air so far away in time wooden houses of Havn village can be seen. It was standing here since the 12th century, has acquired the castle and later became a fortified city. But here are already the outlines of the brick fortress wall. It is a 15th century now when the city grew stronger and has become the capital.


The nose hits an odor of putrid and burned houses. The 18th century treated the city with deadly tests. Plague was the first in place and large fires in 1728th and 1795th years completed the work. Each of them lasted for almost 3 days and eventually about 20% of the population was left without shelter. Wood is so unsafe sometimes.


The British fleet shells slice the fog. We are in 1807. As a preventive measure the British decided to bombard the city with the civilians in it. For three days they were able to 'convince' the Danes do not take Napoleon’s side in the upcoming war.


But these are long passed days. They dissolve quickly in the thick haze. Today Copenhagen has become stronger and even better than the others. Financial institutions and banks, international and shipping companies are building their homes on its islands today. And it’s no surprise as the name of the city originates directly from its function – harbor of traders and dealers and sellers.


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