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A little bit about craters: Sliema promenade

Twin sister of Valletta Sliema proved to be more democratic and did not deprived the sea at least a couple of meters of the shoreline rocks. Clean well-groomed promenade fence seeming to be sheltering for safety appeared to be fencing from another planet.


Making the first steps on almost yellow rocks one can feel really as an astronaut walking on an alien planet. Shattered with craters surface swallows all footsteps turning them into the rustling of the sea.

Each crater, each furrow is a whole detached ecosystem. And people go so slowly and gently around them as if in space suits fighting the urge to plunge in to the beckoning sea.

And then seemingly lifeless surface turns into a blooming garden with real trees. After a whole day of narrow streets sandwiched between stone walls seafront plastered with green seems to be almost a miracle. Or maybe it's just like a moss which grows only in the northern part of the tree...


In any case the Independence Garden comprehended not only all the nearby trees. But the house of cats as well. First you notice a few of them among the flower beds and shrubs. Gradually their number is growing and then you are fully surrounded by these creatures. Cats are everywhere they sit, lie, sleep, eat and pay absolutely no attention on you. It is their little world marked by the one-eyed colored cat.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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