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A little bit about distances: how to drive in America

Driving in the USA is quite pleasurable. The roads are smooth, clean and well serviced. And the drivers are polite and peaceful.


There are of course some purely American peculiarities of highway codes. For example:

1.In almost all states (except New York and Pennsylvania) if there are no restricting signs and your actions won’t interfere anybody you can turn right at a red light.

2.If there is a yellow school bus with flashing yellow lights on the road then it is necessary to stop and wait until the lights are off.


But it is mainly in the cities and since we were basically riding on highways and parks didn’t manage to came across such things. But a couple of times we caught this strange crossroad with the 'All ways' sign. The normal rule – give the way to someone who is on the right — is not working here. Here it is about – the one who came first pass the crossroad first. I didn’t managed understand how do they decide who arrived first. Each time it is turned into a small show like -'Well you see me and I hope you won’t smash at me on purpose'.


On the highway almost every hour and sometimes even more often theer is an exit to the gas station and shops. Gas is not expensive in America. For 7 days and 2,000 miles Nissan ate only 150 $. This is two times less than I expected. In fact for 20$ it is possible to drive almost the whole day.


How to refuel. I paid in cash although I think the card is for sure accepted everywhere. This is how it works — you insert a fuel gun, go to the cashier and give a certain amount, go back and chooses the required type of fuel. There are 87, 89 and 91. For rent machines 87th is fine unless another is specifically notified. You press the button with the type of fuel and refuel.


What else… Its better of course to take a big car. The road is not so hard especially for the driver. Well that's at least my feelings. It was possible to drive 600 miles a day and feel almost not tired. Of course it's so hard to fight the urge to take a real Ford Mustang and drive with the roof open on the open prairie. If you go not far it would be cool but if your trip is a daylong then in the end there will be 2 grilled chickens arriving at the destination point.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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