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A little bit about driving: how to rent a car in the United States

It is impossible to overestimate the opportunity to have your own wheels especially while being in such country as America because here it is not about the cities but about taking a car and going to the national parks. It is impossible to convey the feeling when your favorite music is playing, hands on the wheel can feel the vibration of the working motor and there are the vast expanses and a black ribbon of road in the windshield. This feeling is freedom.


America is a country of cars and it is very easy to rent one here. I booked one through a regular website http://www.rentalcars.com/ at Alamo operator. Crossover Nissan Rogue 2016 (yes completely brand new) costed about $ 400 with all kinds of insurances for 7 days with departure from Las Vegas and the arrival in Los Angeles. Very advantageous offer. What's more important  the final price which was announced at the end of the reservation remained final. Meaning that no additional payments were made. Deposit by the way too for some reason was not frozen on the credit card. That was very nice remembering the experience of booking cars in Europe.

How to rent a car (in Las Vegas):

1.In most American airports rental cars will not be inside. Following special signs (Car rent) you come to the bus stop from where you are driven directly to the place where you can pick up the car. Very often each company has its own free shuttle bus.


2.In 10-15 minutes you arrive to your destination. Exit and go directly to your company’s registration desk. Be prepared for the queues in order to finalize your booking.

Alamo gives the opportunity to confirm you reservation in advance on the website allowing not to stand in a long queue but immediately proceed to choosing a car.

So after that go to the parking lot. It is usually very big one because there are cars of all companies. We are looking for signs of our company. Cars will be ordered according to the body type. For example Nissan was Midsize SUV so this sign we must look for. You can choose any of the proposed cars within required body type. It is very convenient — you can walk along, examine and check which car you like most.

Another note — all cars in America (well at least for rent) have an automatic transmission. This led to a little confusion when I had to ask near passing guys to explain the meaning of obscure letters on the transmission. Only mechanics, only hardcore! Although it should be noted that on serpentine automatic has proven itself well. But the guys were very nice and explained in Russian what to do through after every sentence mentioning that it is allowed to press only one pedal at once. Well no need to mention how I wanted to do that – to press on them simultaneously). I wonder what would happen anyway?


3.So pack the things and it’s time to go. At the exit there are special booths where you give your driving licence, a printout of the booking and a valid credit card. Everything is checked, money are charged and that’s all — you're as free as the wind.


How to return the car (in Los Angeles):

In Los Angeles there is a little different system – rentals are not in one place but are scattered around the airport. But then again each has its own free bus running between the airport and place of rental. It is better to see in advance the exact address of your distributor. This is where you can return the car, not at the airport.

The process is not complicated:

1.Enter the parking lot and follow the signs to the place where to drop the car.

2.Taka off all your stuff.

3.Special service worked will check if everything is fine and will give you a receipt. That’s it. Collect your belongings and go to the bus to the airport.


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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